Welcome to our Shop, 'Maskparty' We sell masks for all occasions. Some of our masks are hand finished with exclusive designs that you wont find from any other site...Many of our masks are made in Venice by Galeone ( Genuine Venetian ) which are decorated in full respect of Artisan traditions and original designs developed in Venice together with 'COMMEDIA DELL'ART' during the late 17th Century.

We sell a large range of masquerade masks,  Italian and Genuine Venetian made, Stag & Hen  party, Burlesque feather style , and rubber fun/Halloween masks. and also a range of budget masks .-  (tip -use the search window if you want a specific type or color ) eg.. Silver, gold, black , petite, eye mask, feather mask, stick mask, baroque, genuine Venetian, jewel, ornate, metal filigree masks, Lace, Helmet, Jester Etc. 

For style of masks eg...Nose, bauta, paper mache, mardi gras, half mask,Also petite eye ( 6" x 3" ) which is smaller then a normal mask for minimum face coverage, and can be particulary complementary.

See our his & hers for great ideas..And easier on the pocket..Discounts for large orders - please email us.